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"Homo observatoris aeroplanae".

A species of person who likes to see concrete airplanes, such as the ones they like,special new routes, iconic aircraft etc. They often go dressed up with a fishing hat (without hooks), a sleeveless jacket (often bright yellow or orange if they have been selected to be in first line of an airshow). They sometimes carry powerful binoculars, use a radio transmitter so that they can hear conversations between control tower and pilots, and almost always they use a camera and a single lens of the telephoto type (they don't use other types). The ones who can't afford a good gear, usually have an average entry level camera and a cheap zoom. The ones who can afford a good gear or their dada y mama can buy them, usually carry a three kg €2000 professional National Geographic type constant Aperture lens, almost always use a professional camera and despite they have such gear, they don't earn money with the photos they take, and even they may only take airplane photos, think they are professional photographers and take the typical "plane on the blue sky seen from a side" and give a hundred of data that non planespotters don't often freaking care about.
The Planespotters differ from the "average photographer" because they are focused on the information about what they are seeing/portraying, while the photographer tries to take of everything giving the things a little more of sense and integrity with the theme in general.
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Porch Pirate
Person or persons who steal packages off of unsuspecting customers porches or front door areas.
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